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About TFM

So I’m Nikki.... I am a UK trained midwife living and working in Dubai. I have been here since 2016 and faced so many challenges in healthcare, as a woman and as a practitioner in my own right. These challenges gave rise to my blog ‘The Fit Midwife’.


It combines the two things that take up all of my time. Maternity care and fitness. And throughout all of the issues I cover I continuously reinforce informed choice, birth rights and the female voice!

As well as being a UK licensed Midwife I am also a Pre/Postnatal Personal Trainer. I recently left the clinical side of midwifery, I grew tired of arguing for my patients to have the best care - not just the most expensive! Take note.... the two are not mutually exclusive. When the financial gains of a hospital become more important than those needing care then I am out! So what do I do now:


- Pre/Postnatal Personal Training

- Antenatal Education Classes

- Optimal Birth Position Workshops

- Breastfeeding Support

- Home support for postnatal mums

- Labour Support 

I have a no nonsense approach to maternity care. I do not sugar coat things and I do not hold back on saying what it is I really think on the lack of rights, choice and information in maternity care, especially in the UAE. I aim to educate and give women the tools to ask the questions and challenge what does not feel right when it comes to their care. To encourage them to empower themselves to achieve what ever birth they wish to have! 



- BSc (hons) Midwifery

- MSc Midwifery

- Basic Life Support

- Advanced Cardiac Life Support

- Neonatal Resuscitation Programme

- UNICEF Baby Friendly Course 

- Level 2 Gym Instructor (REPs)

- Level 3 Personal Trainer (REPs)


Dubai - United Arab Emirates



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