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It’s that time again, where I tell you the most ridiculous things that have happened to me as a midwife. It really is that kind of job where if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Or you cry from laughing so much. On this day, it was the latter. But this story is something else, so ridiculous but so funny. Now I should mention before I write this, that this lady wrote me a card, after her delivery, addressing what happened and she said if ever I write a book, she better be famous because of this story. She said she was sorry for being the devil and she’s glad I had a sense of humour. I was on a night shift, when this lady came in via triage in active labour. It was her sixth baby. She was so blasé

Stretch and Sweep..... What You Need to Know!! So I live in the land of the stretch and sweep from as early as 35 weeks. Yes, you read that right. 35 weeks. Now I am not sure what the logic is here for trying to stimulate your cervix when your baby isn’t even fully cooked yet. Well, except there is no logic here. If for some reason your baby needs to be delivered earlier then this is what induction of labour is for. So let’s just get the information right, the what and when. So that when you are confronted with anything like this you are empowered in to making the best decision for you. What is a sweep? A sweep is a procedure performed prior to a formal induction of labour. Here comes the gory bit…. So your Doc

How Do We Become Empowered?

Empowerment….. Sometimes I think we overuse the word. Like it sometimes it feels like it has lost it’s meaning, it has become devalued. It gets an eyeroll from certain people. But if we have to “go on” about a subject repeatedly then it is because the message we are sharing isn’t commonly accepted. So I will continue to go on about it. I thought I should talk about what an empowered woman is to me: An empowered woman knows she matters. She has self belief, knows her worth, knows her thoughts and her voice has value. She has the confidence to make herself heard to those around her, no matter who that may be. She can achieve anything, be anything she chooses. She is unique and that is the root

"You have no idea where my hands have been today....."

Happy International Day of the Midwife. I really had such good intentions of having a post ready for today. International Day of the Midwife… But life got in the way and so I am just going to wing it, start writing and see what happens. Being a midwife means you have such responsibility but little authority. We are expected to be experts in normal birth, in women’s health, in knowing women but are not always allowed to implement this knowledge to the full extent. Being a midwife is frustrating. But you know what, it is worth it. It is worth missing the big things in your own life sometimes, to facilitate the big things in someone else’s. To work with women and their families is a privilege.

Birth Trauma

As I sit writing this, my background noise is a crying, screaming woman. Now on a Labour Ward, you probably don’t even consider this unusual. Cue One Born Every Minute….. the screams, the noises. Sometimes it is not unusual. The noises women make during labour help them cope. It is painful, so you use every tool at your disposal. It is the same as working out, the grunt, the noises that you make when pushing through something physically tough. Whether that is mooing, screaming abuse at your partner, hypnobirthing, or smiling with your chosen pain relief. I don’t care what noises you make. As long as you are doing so by your own volition. What I hear right now though. That is not ok. This is


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