Sunday Story Time...

Happy Sunday Folks! I cannot believe it is time for another birth story. The feedback from Steph’s story was incredible and I am super happy we shared her and Bea’s story first. I cannot imagine any better a start to this series. I have been receiving your stories! Thank you so much. You will all be posted for sure. But today we have Gemma’s birth story. I loved reading this story. Gemma’s way of describing things is so similar to my own and it made me giggle. So here it is: "I have a relatively interesting story, because we discovered late in my pregnancy that Lily had a cyst on her ovary in the womb. I don't know if you see this a lot, but it was a shock to us. There was talk of operating

The Terrifying Tale of "The Big Baby"......

If you are a midwife, hand’s up if you have heard (or said - I am guilty here) “ooohhh that feels a good size”. Cue look of absolute terror on mum to be’s face… We all saw that One Born Every Minute shoulder dystocia (and I know a fabulous Doctor who was present) and yes, it terrified every prospective parent alive. If you are a midwife, hands up if you have seen “Big Baby” as the reason for Induction of Labour. Yeah my hand is tired from raising it too. Let me take you back to a weekend where a lovely lady I have been consulting with was told “you cannot deliver in the pool because your baby is 3.8kg”. In English money…. around 8lb 6oz. What a giant. Call the Guiness Book of World Records.

Sunday Story Time...

I recently started collecting birth stories so that I could share them on my blog with the goal of creating a safe space to share and a platform to read about the experiences of others, to remind you that you are not alone, ever..... To highlight that every single birth and the feelings that arise from it are always going to be wildly different. The stories will be from many different people, from all walks of life. Some stories will be a tough read. Others will make you giggle. Some will sound like your delivery. I will always check with every single person as to whether they wish their story to remain anonymous, but I am aware some people are happy to share openly too. The response to my r

Don't Feel Guilty For Doing What Is Best For You!!!

I didn’t plan it that way BUT….. How many times have you said those words about something that did not actually sit right with you? Why are we always justifying things these days? To our friends, family, colleagues, to ourselves? Probably because it is easier than wondering “what if I made the wrong choice”, “what if people think I am weak/stupid/selfish for choosing what I chose?” Without fail, whenever I am out at a bar or a brunch and I am stood getting a drink, or meeting someone new, they will tell me about their children’s, nieces, best friend’s neighbours child’s delivery. Every. Single. Time. The stories are often told like this “Oh my wife had a caesarean section…. but she had to yo


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