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The Power of Positive Thinking.....

Happy Belated Valentines Day Guys. Just wanted to say sorry for the time out .…. I guess all the stuff happening in my personal life really took its toll on me and I needed a little break to get my mind and my emotions back on track; because I like to give this blog my full attention. I have been having a hard time with changing situations. Not knowing how to fix things that are broken but still important to me. I didn’t realise how cathartic this blog was to me, until I started getting anxious because I wasn’t posting, wasn’t engaging. But so much has been going on that I just didn’t have much left of me to give, I felt like so much had been given that I just needed to refocus. And good news, i’m getting there!!

I’ve been researching mindfulness and meditation as a way of really getting to know what is going on in my head and heart. And one of my mindfulness tasks was to start reading ‘The Secret” during this time. It is about the law of attraction and the power of your mind. It has helped me so much. I’m still reading it, but beginning to employ the principles to my life and i’m for sure coming out the other side in positive way.

I can totally liken it to hypnobirthing and the techniques employed in that practice. If you are mentally aware of your own thoughts and feelings you are more likely to be able to create a calm and positive space….. for all aspects of your life. And within this space, you are in control. You are strong!

I’m not going to lie. I used to be known for thinking hypnobirthing was somewhat bulls*t. But actually since being in Dubai i’ve come to see it’s empowering and beneficial aspects. The other midwives who know me will probably laugh at this coming from me. I used to hate the hypnobirthers. Let’s be honest, it’s the age old attitude of not liking something you don’t understand. It took me working with knowledgeable Doula’s, hypnobirthing women and mostly exploring mindfulness, meditation, positive thinking and mental/emotional coping mechanisms for my own peace of mind to fully be open to what the practice has to offer!

So with that in mind (no pun intended), I want to share a delivery with you guys. Last week, I had the nicest couple! Mum was hypnobirthing. She had employed all the techniques and practiced a lot. You could tell, because she came in at 8cm dilated, having laboured at home up until this point using her hypnobirthing techniques. Which for a first time mum is pretty bloody impressive!

Now me and my colleague Beth always discuss whether you can actually breathe a baby out, especially if it is your first baby. I lean more towards no, as does she, despite having seen it happen herself, it is and event that is few and far between, even if women are the best hypnobirthers ever. But this mum, she literally breathed the baby’s head out. She was insanely strong, calm, and confident that she could do it. She used her breathing to compliment the urges to push, she was pushing, but whilst breathing. It really was pretty miraculous to see. And it was all down to her strength, confidence and the unwavering support of her husband.

Being a midwife can sometimes be quite run of the mill. I really hate that I can honestly say that. But it’s sometimes like a conveyor belt of babies, of carrying out Doctors orders even when you know they aren’t the best or to the wishes of your patient….. But this delivery reminded me why I have a passion about childbirth and women’s empowerment and strength within this field. I was absolutely buzzing after this delivery. As were the parent’s. And rightly so, they rocked their delivery and had the cutest baby girl!!

So I guess my first post back is kind of a personal one and more of a story. But its one worth telling. And I think I needed to remind myself that it is ok to take a break. It is ok to not be ok. And it is ok to build yourself back up using whatever tools help you. I’m becoming more open minded than I ever have been before and I am benefitting from it as a Midwife. Empowered women, empower women!

So enjoy your Valentines Day…. if you make some babies this week they’ll all be Scorpios (Like me), not sure how ready the world is for more Scorpios!

Nikki xx

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