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Sunday Story Time...

Happy Sunday Folks! I cannot believe it is time for another birth story. The feedback from Steph’s story was incredible and I am super happy we shared her and Bea’s story first. I cannot imagine any better a start to this series. I have been receiving your stories! Thank you so much. You will all be posted for sure. But today we have Gemma’s birth story. I loved reading this story. Gemma’s way of describing things is so similar to my own and it made me giggle. So here it is:

"I have a relatively interesting story, because we discovered late in my pregnancy that Lily had a cyst on her ovary in the womb. I don't know if you see this a lot, but it was a shock to us. There was talk of operating on her as soon as she was born, which was petrifying and very stressful. She had to be induced on her due date, but this ended up being pushed back to the following day. My contractions started at around 9.30pm when Phil had left, so I had a bath and by 1am I was in agony and had to call Phil in. I took whatever pain relief was offered to me, and couldn't have done without it. I had no birthing plan other than trusting the midwives to do what was best, which was due to advice from my sister that birthing plans rarely work out. She didn't appear until 19.38, the little bugger. I pushed for around an hour and enjoyed that part the most because I felt in control of the situation. During the pushing, a visitor walked into the wrong room by mistake and saw her crowning I told Phil, I couldn't care less if a brass band had walked in at that moment, I was busy! The pain of actually passing her head is beyond description, a white hot pain. But the second it was over, they lay her on my chest and the rush of love made it worth every second, as corny as that sounds. I couldn't even see her face, all I could see was slimy hair and couldn't stop staring at her. My first thought was 'oh my god thats really a baby!' my second was, jeez she looks like me! Best experience of my life xxx”

How great is this story? This isn’t the first time women have told me that they enjoyed the pushing part the most. It is all about control and frame of mind. Some women feel the relief from the continuous contractions when they can use all that power generated by the body to push their baby out! It is almost a relief. Some women feel empowered and really strong at this point. I think that feeling the urge to push reminds women that their bodies were literally made to do this. It reinforces that basal instinct that we all have within us. How could you not take strength from that? And you know, that’s the final stretch….

Thank you for sharing this with us Gemma. It is so nice to hear a story that makes you realise that pushing is nothing to be scared of but rather an opportunity to take control and get that mindset in the right place. And thank you for letting me post the pictures and show just how bloody gorgeous Lily is! Just like her mummy.

Nikki xx

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