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T'was The Night Before Christmas.....

This year I am feeling very home sick. I just want to be with friends and family. To enjoy and celebrate and be at peace after a pretty rough year. However that is not part of a healthcare workers job. We don't get to choose when we work. The longer I do this job, the harder each year becomes when it comes to missing events and holidays.

So kindly remember those who are working this festive period. Yes it is part of our job. But that doesn't make it any easier. It often makes it harder! We are someones partner, child, sister, cousin, friend. And we care for you and your family like you are part of ours.

I have seen a few Midwifery related festive poems flying about and added my own spin to one:

Twas the night before Christmas And on labour ward The names of many women Fill up the white board

They are huffing and puffing They cannot get any relief The hypnobirthing is not working They just want to sleep

"Will this baby ever come" One exhausted lady says She's death staring her husband

‘’I’ve been at this for 3 bloody days”

''This baby will come'' The midwife brightly said ''As long as you are upright and mobilising And don't just lie on the bed''

So many babies are born Being birthed one by one The Midwives stay so busy Too much ridiculous paperwork to be done

Then just after midnight An almighty sound It shocked all the midwives And made them jump off the ground

An emergency buzzer Sounding out from room 2

A lady is bleeding

We all know what to do

The whole team is there now The bleeding has stopped

Mum has skin to skin with her baby

Whilst the bloody floor is mopped But it does not stop there We are off for emergency C-Section The third one of the night This baby couldn’t manage head flexion

The staff are so weary They haven’t sat down all night They haven't been to the bathroom

A UTI is in sight

As 6am hits

we don’t know how to go on

But the call bell goes off

In room number 1

Remember loss happens too

This family is weeping

Their dreams are all over

Christmas sees their baby born sleeping

When we finally sit down Wiped out from the shift We forgot to ring in Christmas

We were delivering precious gifts

We made tea and toast for everyone The night staff now say Thanks for all the hard work People do here each day

The Midwives and Doctors all hug As we all race for the door Off home to spend time

With the ones we most adore

So to all healthcare workers Keep fighting the good fight Merry Christmas to all And to all a good night

Merry Christmas everyone!

Nikki xx

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