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Movement Matters...

Getting to know your baby starts way before birth. For a lot of mums, that connection starts the first time you feel your baby move. Or at least the first time you realize that’s not just wind but the tiny movements of your baby.

But there is so much conflicting advice out there on what constitutes normal movements. So many falsehoods that lead to unfortunate outcomes. I have noticed there is a lot of outdated information flying around Dubai with this too so it's time to set the record straight!

Your baby's movements are a great indicator if they are doing well. For a large percentage of mum's you will notice your baby has a regular pattern from around 32 weeks.

Tips for getting to know your baby's pattern:

- When your baby has periods of movement, note the time of day, or the activity you were just doing (just casually - don't obsess over this).

- When your baby moves, sit back and take a couple of minutes to really feel what it is like. Where do you feel the movements? Are they strong and direct like a kick? or more of a swooshing feeling like a little tumble around?

- Talk to your baby when its moving. Use this time to bond with your baby. Even if you are calling it a 'little buggar' for kicking you in the ribs etc.

Check out the information sheet below and screen shot it. This is advice as given by the NHS and RCOG. What is a worry. What is not. When to call your doctor etc.

My one piece of advice is if you are at all worried that something is wrong then please go and get checked. That is what midwives are here for. You are never bothering us. If we prove you wrong, prove everything is in fact perfect with your baby then all parties are happy right!

Unfortunately I have cared for too many women who didn't seek help when they felt 'something just wasn't right'. And these adverse outcomes are something I will discuss in another post, another day. But I don't want you to ever experience this! Changes in fatal movements is one of the single most important factors when indicating the health of your unborn baby.

Being aware of your baby's normal pattern (every baby has a different one) means that you are the one who can identify when something is not right, before the medical professionals. Only you know how your baby feels inside you and only you can tell us when that is not right. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Movement really matters ladies.

Nikki xx

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